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ESA of Washington
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ESA of Washington
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Puyallup, WA 98373

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10 Tips on How to Select an Electronic Security Company

(from Electronic Security Association)

How to Select an Electronic Security CompanyAs media reports across the nation confirm a rise in residential burglaries, homeowners are urged to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their family and personal property. To assist, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) is offering all homeowners tips on how to select the electronic security company that best fits their individual needs.

“Due to the very challenging economic crisis, we are seeing confirmed news reports across the nation of an increase in residential burglaries,” stated ESA president Mike Miller. “Electronic security systems not only give homeowners peace of mind, they also act as a primary deterrent against criminal activity which was authenticated by a recent study conducted by the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice.”

For consumers seeking the services of a reputable and experienced security company, the ESA has the following recommendations:

  • Ask your insurance agent, friends, family or neighbors for referrals.

  • Visit the ESA website for a list of ESA member companies throughout the United States. Members of the ESA have agreed to maintain a high level of conduct under its National Code of Ethics.

  • Call several companies and ask if their employees are trained and/or certified by a nationally recognized entity like the ESA.

  • Ask the companies for proof that they have the appropriate required state and/or local licenses.

  • Ask the companies if they conduct any pre-employment screening. The ESA strongly advocates the development and enforcement of effective state licensing laws that require pre-employment background checks.

  • Contact your local police department's Crime Prevention Department, state licensing agencies, Consumer Protection Agencies, and the Better Business Bureau regarding any past interactions with, or history on, the perspective security companies.

  • After you've narrowed the field to three or four alarm companies, ask for the name of the person who will call on you.

  • When he/she visits, ask to see some company identification.

  • Ask each alarm company representative for an inspection, recommendation and a quote in writing. Use a checklist to compare different packages and price quotes.

  • Never feel pressured to sign anything. Be cautious of those who push you to sign a contract quickly or who may be offering unusual deals or incentives.


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